Friday, February 9, 2007

World Sound Healing Day

My very first blog is rather brief, but I hope poignant. I got this notice in an e-mail a couple of days ago via a contact at the Meta Center in NYC. It's about World Sound Healing Day which is being held on Valentine's Day 2007 all day long.

The web address is:

The concept is that by chanting the healing tone "AH" for five minutes during that day either by yourself or in a group, you will be projecting the energy of light & love throughout the planet and in turn generating a field of transformational energy that can be felt by all. Pretty cool, eh?

Namaste - Renaissance (or Ren for short...)


  1. Hey, Ren! That's really cool! I'll have to ask one of my friends about that--she's a sound healer, and a singer as well, surprise surprise. She's actually having a birthday party tonight, but I am not attending as I'm feeling a bit rundown.
    Anyway, she and i did some humming exercises a few years back--YAM RAM LAM...over and over, and I did it on my own a bit. I'm not sure why, but probably for similar reasons as to why it's suggested we AH for a while on Feb 14. Hey the world's so messed up it couldn't hurt!

  2. tami, congatulations on letting the world hear your musings

  3. Hi Ren,
    Welcome to bloggytown! I'm down for the AH. Take care.

  4. New posts! New Posts! I wanna new postie toastie oatie oh...

    I miss you!