Monday, June 4, 2012

Revisting Wildfire on Off Broadway Now!

In this age where we are constantly assaulted with characters in their 20's, younger and edgier versions of ourselves if you will, (hmmm...the new Spiderman reboot comes to mind) and are told that their immature trials and tribulations are supposed to be interesting to us my hope was restored when I attended an original play Friday evening on Off Broadway entitled "Revisiting Wildfire" by Kari Floren. It was a two character piece starring women that were - wait for it - in their 50's. Without giving away too much of the plot, Theresa, an executive in New York City, has lost her job and Pam has come all the way from Cleveland to celebrate her birthday. The dialogue and "dramedy" that ensue is truly remarkable. Ms. Floren has a complete understanding of the sacred relationship between two close friends, sisters really and this play not only illustrates that, but also pegs our society for the dysfunction it has regarding our mature women, a resource to be valued and treasured - not discarded. And you couldn't ask for two finer actresses than Nancy Johnston or Lynne Wintersteller. I know for a fact these ladies didn't know one another until they started rehearsing this play in May. I was completely convinced they were inseparable soul mates from the first 5 minutes into the evening. I can only say go! And go soon! It opens on Wednesday June 6th and promptly closes on June 24th and is in previews now. Information is below:

Revisiting Wildfire Tickets and Information

There's a nice article about the play on here too.