Monday, February 20, 2012

SMK Day at Chez Tami

This merited a post on my blog because I just couldn't figure out how to put it all on one picture and send it...and it covers food, artistic expression and good vibes - which as my close friends know is the intent of my blogosphere, if you will. I was inspired to do a party for my two girlfriends who used to watch Scarecrow and Mrs. King in the 80's when it was originally on the air. I had become re-acquainted with the show last summer as I needed a little escape from a VERY bad work situation. (Don't worry - that's all been resolved.) It brought me back to a peaceful and uplifting time in my life and helped me re-center myself (well that and a lot of running and meditation). Through the show I also discovered a wonderful SMK community on Facebook and am pleased to say I have even made a few friends from the page.

I found out that a group of these ladies were going to see Bruce Boxleitner (Lee "Scarecrow" Stetson) at Megacon in Orlando, FL this past weekend and since I couldn't go, well, I threw a party to celebrate SMK instead. This completely got out of hand as I then became inspired to make it an Italian food themed event. The first reason for this was if you are going to culinarily celebrate the elegance of Lee Stetson and Amanda King it's going to have to be either with Italian or French cuisine. The show always depicted an upscale evening by attending either a French or Italian restaurant. Remember Emilio's or Chez Nouvelle? (My inner fan girl is screaming. I shall silence her now!) The second reason was my SMK Italian girlfriends on Facebook. They really inspired me with talk of Italian cooking and I wanted to give them a gift of my own Italian cooking from 4000 miles away. (Hope it holds up to your standards, bellissime!) Below are the results of my culinary exploits and our adventures with Lee and Amanda. We supplemented our beverage and fruit quotient with Cava mimosas. Apologies for the possibly pidgin Italian captions. I will endeavor to correct once I revisit them with someone close who speaks Italian better than me! All in all it was a fabulous day and I hear it was a fabulous weekend for my SMK family members, as well! Buon appetito.

Primi Piatti:
Rosemary Almonds and Arugula with Meyer Lemon/Mirin Vinaigrette
Mandorle con rosmarino e rucola con limone Meyer/Mirin Vinaigrette

Primi Piatti:
Focaccia with Red Grapes
Focaccia con uve rosse

Secondi Piatti:
Stuffed Smoked Mozarella
Ripieni mozzarelle affumicate

Piatto Principale:
Spinach Flans with Prosciutto
Flan di spinaci con prosciutto

Strawberries with Chocolate
Fragole con cioccolato
(No picture - sorry we ate them too quickly!)

Those that celebrated and thus were sated...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Twitter Spew Haiku, by Yours Truly

One hundred forty...
Brevity is required -
Can't express myself!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

This, Too, Shall Pass by TS

(I have a few close friends who are going through a hard time right now. This poem is for you guys. XO)

I once was light, sweet and of simple thought
The virile call of living raptured me.
Nourishment from love's dove-soft breast was sought -
I gave my core to one most joyfully.

Then in the center of my journey's lot,
Love's cascade had become a dying sea.
My soul by my companion was not sought,
All pleasure from her being lost, callously.

Heartache devoured life force hoarding rest,
Solitude a protection - and my right,
I chose to crest its wave and heal alone.

Now in my dreams a voice at my behest,
Sings softly with an oath to soothe my plight,
Affirming through its tones that I've found home.

Flu Haiku (for all of you...)

(This was inspired by all of us who have the flu. Get better!)

Itchy lung's caress
Means coughing incessantly.
Give me some NyQuil!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Blue Haiku - By Yours Truly

In the bleak winter
Inertia is the constant -
Time to eat cookies.